Play Point-And-Click Adventure Classics On Your Wii With ScummVM [MUO Gaming]

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point and click gamesGet classic, point-and-click adventures working on your Wii. Maybe you’ve got old copies of classics like Monkey Island or Day of The Tentacle collecting dust? Or maybe you want to try out classic games that became freeware, like Beneath a Steel Sky? Either way, ScummVM for Wii is a great way to play-and-click classics on your Wii.

The WiiMote, of course, is a perfect controller for point-and-click adventure games, which is why I was so excited when TellTale games started releasing Wii games. They’ve long since stopped releasing games on the Wii, however – the size limitations of WiiWare are too restrictive.

Happily with Wii homebrew there are no such limitations. All you need is an SD card, flash drive or external hard drive big enough to fit your favorite games. We’ve shown you the wonder of ScummVM, a point-and-click adventure game emulator, and we’ve shown you how to easily jailbreak your Wii with Letterbomb. Now let’s get ScummVM working on your jailbroken Wii.

The following instructions, of course, assume you’ve already got The Homebrew Channel up and running on your Wii, so be sure to follow this tutorial before asking for help.

Download ScummVM For Wii

First things first – you’re going to want to download ScummVM for Wii. You can install it from The Homebrew Browser, if you have that, though the version you end up with will be older than what’s available.

I recommend instead that you download it from the ScummVM website.

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point and click games

You’ll end up with a ZIP file so extract the “scummvm” folder inside it. Put it in the “apps” folder of the SD card, flash drive or external hard drive you use to run homebrew on your Wii (you can plug flash drives and external hard drives into the USB ports at the back of your Wii, in case you didn’t know).

ScummVM is now ready to run on your Wii. You now only need some games!

Setting Up Games

If you have an old CD or floppy version of the game you want to play, then great. We can likely make it work. Before you start, though, check this compatibility list and make sure your preferred point-and-click adventure game is on it and rated highly. Games not listed here will simply not work; games with poor ratings will almost certainly crash constantly.

If you know your game works, find out which files you need to run the game and put those files in a folder. If you are setting up multiple games, be sure to give each their own folder or you will have trouble later.

Put your folder anywhere on the drive you’re using for homebrew on your Wii; you’ll be able to browse to it from ScummVM.


Turn on your Wii, launch the Homebrew Channel and you should see ScummVM. Launch it and you’ll see the main ScummVM screen:

fun point and click games

From here you can add new games or launch the games you’ve already added. Adding games is simple – you will need to browse to the folder where you’ve put your game and ScummVM will figure out the details based on the file.

I got Return To Zork working from my old DOS CD, which brought back some childhood memories.

fun point and click games

I’m also starting to play through Beneath A Steel Sky, which I’ve read is quite good:

point and click games

I’m really excited to have both of these games working on my Wii. What classic point-and-click games are you hoping to play? What games should I be sure to play? Let me know in the comments below!

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