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Play Monopoly Online with Other People using World Streets MonopolyStreetsRemember playing the Monopoly Board Game when you were a child? Then when it came out on PS2, that was just like WOW! (well, maybe not). Now it has hit the internet, and the entire world is playing. Yes, this is Monopoly using Google Maps.

The game is called Monopoly City Streets and the objective of the game is to buy streets around the world, make some money through rent and sabotage other users’ properties and streets.. Basically, you play monopoly online with other people (without downloading anything) using real world streets.

Before I get started on how to play the game, let me give you some background information. It has been live since the 9th of September. It is an online game that loads entirely in your browser. There is nothing to download and you only need to register in order to play it. However, on the 11th of September, the Monopoly City Streets Blog announced that they will be restarting the game in about a week’s time. This is to ensure that every knows what they are doing and how to use it. So it is best to join, get the feel of the game, and then when it goes live, you can rule a suburb, city or a country. Also, the game will only be active until 31st January 2010, but they don’t know what they will do to the game afterwards. So get your hands on it while you still can!

Playing the Game

To play the game, simple go to this website and click on ‘Play’.

play monopoly online with other people

Then just find a street you would like to buy, anywhere in the world. Since the game has been running for a while, all the good streets are taken. So find an area that you like, and expand from there. Most of the world is playable, but there are a few exceptions.


Since I am located in Melbourne, I am going to start my street purchases there. The streets that are blue have been purchased, but you can offer a deal to buy them from the current owner, obviously it will cost a bit more. Also note that some streets are not available to be purchased as you can see in the image below, Collins St. cannot be purchased.

play monopoly online without downloading

So since Melbourne is too busy for me, I am going to purchase a road that is a bit out of town. You may also have noticed that we have not registered yet. You can do this when you purchase your first street. I am going to purchase Springvale Rd. So just find it on the map, then click on the street name in the box on the right.

play monopoly online without downloading

Once you click on the street you want to purchase, a registration box will appear. You also get M$3,000,000 in Monopoly money to spend.

Now, I want to build on the street. Since I am not rich, I will start of small. Click on the street, then select ‘Build Property’, then select what type of building you want to build. I am just going to buy a small City Centre Cottage. The game will give you options on where to build the house, then just select it on the map.

Play Monopoly Online with Other People using World Streets buynewstreets1

Fortunately, I still have heaps of cash left. I am going to buy another street in the area. Click on the ‘Buy Street’ button on the bottom toolbar (it looks like a pile of money), find a street and repeat the process again. I found a good long stretch of road and now I am going to develop it.

As I said before, click on the street, select ‘Build Property’ and select your what you want to build.

Play Monopoly Online with Other People using World Streets buyagain

Your buildings will now appear. As you progress through the game, just like the Monopoly Board Game, you can also get Chance Cards. Bugger! Oh well.

Play Monopoly Online with Other People using World Streets chance

I hope that I have inspired you to play. It is quite fun, but remember, everything I have done today will be lost when the game resets. I better get in early and buy up big when it starts again in a week’s time.

If you want to play, just go to the main page, start buying and building an earning. Also read the FAQs and the Game Rules.

Are you a fan of Monopoly? Will you play Monopoly online with other people? What streets have you purchased? Let us know.

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