Play James Bond Text Adventure To See If You Could Work For MI6

james bond text adventure   Play James Bond Text Adventure To See If You Could Work For MI6If you’re of a certain age you’ll be aware of text adventures. These simple games were both fun and frustrating in equal measure, requiring the player to use stock commands to guide the character through the situations encountered, and telling a story in the process. The fun was derived from these games being a kind of interactive fiction, while the frustration emerged when simple commands were misunderstood or ignored.

Text adventures went the way of the dinosaur when video games started supporting graphics beyond blocky depictions of flat landscapes. But for certain scenarios they still stand up to scrutiny. When you’re testing to work for MI6, for instance, being a support agent to a spy on missions similar to those a certain James Bond often finds himself getting involved in.

Are You Ready To Serve?

james bond text adventure start   Play James Bond Text Adventure To See If You Could Work For MI6

As you may or may not be aware, a new Bond film is playing in theaters at the time of writing. Titled Skyfall, it sees Daniel Craig return as Bond once more. Whenever a new Bond film is released, the promotional push for it is huge. Sony, which is distributing the movie in many territories, has taken the bull by the horns with this one and commissioned a text adventure game loosely based on the character of James Bond.

The James Bond text adventure game takes the form of the British Intelligence Officer Exam. As the name suggests it is framed as an intelligence test to determine whether the player is fit to work for MI6 – officially known as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) – which is the British government department dealing with foreign intelligence. Spooks, in other words.

When you visit the numerical domain of the game you’re asked, “Are You Fit To Serve?” and clicking on “Please Proceed” begins the game. You’re then informed that, “The following exam has been designed to test for the five most important skills required for acceptance into MI6.” “Simply getting through each simulation does not mean you have passed that section. In order to succeed, you will have to attain the best possible outcome. Be alert to everything that happens. Being an MI6 Agent means being able to see opportunities that others do not.”

And so it begins…


james bond text adventure map   Play James Bond Text Adventure To See If You Could Work For MI6

At the start of the game you are told to either type questions or instructions in order for your agent to understand you. Typing Help brings up options to view a Map of the current location, a list of everything in the Inventory, the Sitrep (situation report), and Objectives (the overriding aim of the current mission).

The missions include evading capture by enemy combatants, diffusing a bomb, and decoding messages. Each mission has a number of different outcomes, and it’s your job to find the best solution for each mission in turn. The important thing to remember is that you have limited time to complete each mission, and then a limited number of tries to find the best solution to each problem.


james bond text adventure emotional detachment   Play James Bond Text Adventure To See If You Could Work For MI6

  • Use simple language with clear, positive directions. The game will primarily pick up on keywords, so in order to save time you can drop most of the extraneous connecting words.
  • The agent always happens to be carrying Sony products, and these are invariably meant to be used in the missions. Check the inventory and use what’s at hand accordingly.
  • Listen to the agent’s responses to your instructions or questions as they often signpost the correct way to proceed.
  • Don’t be harassed by the red time warnings or pleas from your agent to hurry up. Just follow the strategy you think is best and see what happens.


james bond text adventure bomb wires   Play James Bond Text Adventure To See If You Could Work For MI6

The British Intelligence Officer Exam was commission by Sony and developed by Hide & Seek. The latter has done a great job at creating a believable title that works as a game in its own right but also helps promote Skyfall. I have to say Sony went a little over the top with the references to its products, with Xperia phones and tablets, as well as Vaio laptops, playing a central role in each mission. Even Bravia televisions make a cameo.

Then there is the need to divulge an email address in order to proceed beyond the first mission. If you’re not comfortable doing this so then don’t. And even if you do then you may want to just use a secondary email address that’s valid and accessible but which you don’t mind having spammed. These two blips aside the James Bond text adventure is more than worthy of your time and effort.

If you have played the James Bond game, how did you do? Please let us know your thoughts on James Bond, text adventures, and this title in particular in the comments section below.

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Brian Mok

Looks fun. :)

Nikhil Chandak

yup and interesting also !

Timothy Liem

looks interesting. I’ll try it.


Okay, I might be blind, but where is the link to the game ?


correct perhaps it is seek and hide :)

Dave Parrack

If you can’t find the link then the game may be beyond you ;)

Dave Parrack

The game is located at

It’s right there in the article: “When you visit the numerical domain of the game you’re asked,” which ‘numerical domain’ being the link.

Norbert Gruszfeld

MI6 here I come!


Haha fun! Great game.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Interesting. Unbearably slow to load in my browser, though. I’ll check it again later.
Tell me how is it if you’ve played it.

Dave Parrack

What browser are you using?

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Firefox 16. Nevermind. It’s working normally now. I guess the storm last night trashed my connection.

Dave Parrack

Ugh, that sucks. The lost connection, not Firefox :)


Which one is the link to the game?

Dave Parrack

The game is located at as it says in the article. You’ve failed your first mission, I’m afraid ;)

Nikhil Chandak

It seems to be very interesting one …

Jon Smith

I am Smith, John Smith- 008

Dave Parrack

Jon Smith would be a great secret agent name.

druv vb

Wow. This reminds me when I was having fun writing meaningless phrases in ELIZA.
But this is really worth playing. Its a bit time consuming though. But this text adventure game really make use of your brain!


I’m stuck on the part where they show the picture on the phone (the part in the last image) can someone help me


I’m stuck on the part where they show the picture on the phone (the part in the last image) can someone help me

Ben Gentry

my brain hurts from all the thinking

Keith Hardin

going to have to give this one a try!

Shehan Nirmal

Sounds cooooooooooooooooool… :D


When I click on the link it says 404 not found then it says this test never existed,
any idea what I should do?

Dave Parrack

I get the same result. It looks as though the game has been deleted. It was created in order to promote the latest Bond film Skyfall, so it’s not that surprising.