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itsyourturn1.gifI’m sure you’ve all seen the scenes in movies and television shows where one person makes a move on the chess board and then lets someone know over the phone (or by letter) what their move was. It may be many weeks or months later that the other person finally makes their move and in this way, they make the game go on for years, one move at a time.

Now it’s possible to do this online too.

I am not much of a games person overall as most games bore me but I do have a weakness for chess. But saying that, I am a pretty restless kind of guy so I don’t have the time or the patience to sit through a long game, waiting for the other person to stop procrastinating and finally make their move. So when a like-minded friend suggested, I knew that it was the right site for me. It has turned out to be the best way to start my day. After getting out of bed, I log onto my 15 concurrently running chess games and make one move on each. Then it’s time for the rest of my day to start.


The whole concept of ItsYourTurn is that you make your move in a game whenever you have the time or the inclination. The person that starts the game gets to dictate how long you have to make your move (it can be up to 45 days) and when you make your move, the other person makes their move whenever they want, within the same time frame as you. People wanting fast games can demand you make your move within 3 days while people with busy hectic lives allow the maximum 45 days for a move to be made.

If you don’t make your move within the specified time period, you forfeit the game to the other player. You can choose to be notified by email when it is your turn if you don’t have the time to monitor the site yourself.



I normally stick to chess (and sometimes Battleboats) but there is a wide variety of games on the site including checkers, backgammon, Stack4 and GoMoku. There are also different styles of the games so as well as normal chess, you can also have Chinese chess. Instead of normal checkers, you can choose to play Russian checkers.

There is a free version and a paid version of ItsYourTurn. Free members are limited to 15 moves a day and 20 games running at once. Paid members have no restrictions on moves and games, and they don’t see the advertising that free members have to see. But what I particularly like about this site is that they don’t push the advertising down your throat and they NEVER pressure you to upgrade to a paid membership. Their attitude is “we love you if you stay free but the paid option is there if you want it”. They even offer a money-back guarantee on the paid membership if you decide it is not to your liking and their customer service is extremely friendly and extremely efficient.

If you decide to register and you fancy a leisurely game of chess or battleboats plus, send me an invite and if I have a game in my allocation available, I’ll play you. My username is camelot2302. Plus don’t worry – I may like chess but I am also terrible at it. Anyone wanting an easy victory should play me to build up their confidence!

  1. sherry31024
    February 10, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    I wont let me sign in to play the games. That I am already playing someone. IF Icant get in to play

    • fpjewell
      May 5, 2009 at 9:40 pm

      Yup, me too - this happens every now and then, they are all probably out on the town and the power went out, or the place blew up or an astroid came down smote them to hell, just kidding, it'll all be back on soon I'm sure, I'm just gonna get drunk...

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