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If you are traveling, waiting for a loved one in transit, or simply just want to see a bunch of airplanes moving on a map, you should check out Planefinder. This tool, based on Google Maps, tracks airline flights as they happen in real-time.

track flights live online

You can navigate through Planefinder by going through the major airport cities and zooming in on them. You can then click on one of the moving planes to view their running flight data, including altitude, speed, course, and complete route.

Planefinder also has a fresh feature where you can go back in time and play back historic flight paths. If you have Google Earth, just click on the FlyMe icon to give yourself a tour of the flight path.


While searching for specific flights may be hard, Planefinder provides a great overview on how global air traffic works. You can also click any flight and share it with your friend, just in case you are on that plane and you want your friend to track you.



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