Plan B: Cool Lost Mobile Tracking Application [Android]

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People normally take precautions by installing mobile tracking applications on their phone. But what if your phone is already lost and you do not have such an app installed on it? The solution to that problem is an Android application called Plan B.

lost mobile tracking applications

You start by remotely installing the app from the Android Marketplace. Then the app will automatically start, turn on the phone’s GPS, and email your phone’s location to your Gmail account. To keep a track of your phone simply text “locate” to your lost phone and its position will be communicated to you.

Follow these easy steps to use Plan B:

1. Install Plan B to the phone that you are trying to find from the Android Market website:
2. Plan B will start automatically and send your phone’s location to your Gmail address.
3. To locate again after 10 minutes, borrow a friend’s phone and text the word “locate” to your lost phone.


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Paras Sharma

i was looking for an application that sends back the IMEI number of newly inserted sim,is it possible to get from free or paid version of tracking software.

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