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plan your partyThanks to the Web, planning a party’s never been easier. You can get all the things you need, invite all your friends, and get your party rolling easily using the Web. For the invite section, most people still seem to use Evite.

No longer. Evite, while improving, isn’t nearly the best at what it does. That title, in my humble opinion, rests squarely in the hands of Anyvite.

Anyvite is a simple, but feature-rich, way to create invitations and bring all your friends together. Anyvite helps you through every step of the event planning, from finding a venue to deciding whether or not your friends can bring friends (and how many). It’s an incredibly detailed application, that you can ignore entirely if all you want to do is send out a simple invitation.

The first thing you do with Anyvite is create your event: give it a name, a location, a date, and some information. You can style your invitation with one of Anyvite’s many themes, or create your own.

Then, start sending out the invitations. You can send the invitations by entering their email addresses, or you can import your address book from your Email or Evite account. You can see who’s RSVP’ed, and even export your guest list to other applications for easier managing. If you want to create an event for anyone and everyone, Anyvite gives you a link to share with people so they can sign up to attend without having to receive an email.



You get to change just about every option of the invite: do you want there to be a “maybe” option? How many attendees are you capping your party at? Want to remind your guests again before the party? You can do all that and more through Anyvite.

If you’re on the receiving end of an invitation, you’ve got tons of options as well. You can receive invitations, updates and reminders by email, text message, or over any Jabber IM (like Google Talk). You can RSVP by texting or IMing “RSVP y” or “RSVP n”, or even text a comment about the event or invitation. There’s even a mobile site ( ) that lets you create, manage and view invitations from your cell phone.


There’s a widget that you can embed on your website or blog – a cool feature if you’re hosting or attending relevant events. Your events can also be imported directly into your Google or Outlook calendar, making sure you never forget about that sweet party coming up tonight.

Anyvite, believe it or not, is even useful after your party is over. Anyvite provides you with a code that you put in the tags of a Flickr picture or a YouTube video, and anything with that tag shows up on the event page. It’s like its own scrapbook for your parties.

Anyvite is great because you can create an event in 10 seconds or an hour, depending on how specific and complex you want it to be. It’s incredibly simple to use, and great for planning events. The text-messaging integration also makes it perfect for last-second changes and needs for your party.

Next time you’re planning an event, do yourself and your guests a favor: ditch Evite, and stick with Anyvite for all your planning needs.

How do you use the Web to plan things?

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