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plan vacation itineraryHaving a vacation is one of the best ways to escape from daily routines, reduce stress levels, and recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, planning a perfect vacation itinerary is a potential stress generator in itself, as a vacation without a plan could easily turn into a disaster. Some people turn to travel agents, but they are costly and finding the ones that really know your preferences is not easy.

If you want to plan a great vacation without all the complications, you could try Plnnr – your online personal tour guide. Plnnr will automatically generate your free personalized ready-to-use itinerary in split seconds, including scheduled daily routes, navigating directions, hotel price comparisons, and attractions information.

Plan Your Vacation

Plnnr really makes planning your vacation as simple as clicking a few buttons. Start by clicking the “Get Started Now” button.

plan vacation itinerary

The first step you need to do is to choose where you want to go. There are twenty world famous destinations that you can choose from the list. I know that the options look small to the real adventurers, but they are more than enough for those who ‘just want to go out there’.

world famous destinations


After deciding on the place to go, set the date when you want to start your vacation.

world famous destinations

Continue by choosing how long you will stay there.

world famous destinations

The theme decides what kind of vacation you want to have. You can make it to be more outdoor-ish or culture-ish. For first time visits, Plnnr suggests “The best of“, where you will visit all of the best places in the vicinity.

vacation itinerary

Next, choose the intensity of your vacation. Basically, this step determines the pace of your days. Do you prefer to take them slowly, or do you want to cramp everything into your itinerary? Plnnr will decide how many places it will put into your schedule based on the theme that you chose.

vacation itinerary

The last step in the planning stage is deciding on the luxury level. This element will be tightly related to your budget. If you have unlimited funds, go for the five stars; while the tight-budget people would prefer lower stars.

vacation itinerary

The Menu, The Itinerary & The Map

After going through the planning stages, Plnnr will build you a complete itinerary. It consists of point of interest and daily routes.

03a start

You can view your daily schedule by choosing the “Schedule” menu from the side bar.

03b daily itinerary

If you don’t like one or more items from your schedule, you can easily delete them by clicking the small arrow next to the question mark and choose “No way!“. Plnnr will then replace it with something else.

03b2 options

You can get more information about a place by clicking on it. A new window will slide out, and you can view pictures and articles about the place.

03b3 more info

On the far right of the page, there’s a map with routes that Plnnr suggests you take. The bold lines indicate the route for the day, while the thin lines are your routes for other days.

03d travel map

The side bar menu allows you to view things like Trip dates, Hotels, Attractions and Trip Profile.

04b trip profile

Other Options

You don’t need to register to use Plnnr, but if you want to save your trip, you need to sign up.

05a save signup

There are also options to share your trip via Facebook. You need to allow Plnnr to access your Facebook account to do so.

03c book share print

If you want to have your itinerary handy on your trip, you can print it as a booklet. Click the “Print” button and your travel schedule will be opened in a printer-friendly page. Just hit the “Print” menu from your browser’s menu to produce the hard copy.

plan vacation itinerary

If you have been postponing your holiday, I think it’s a good idea to pay Plnnr a visit and start planning your next vacation. I personally find Plnnr very useful, but I wish it had more choices of places to visit. Maybe it can let users add more places and rate the existing places to grow its database.

Will you use Plnnr or similar services to plan your vacation itinerary? Share your thoughts using the comments below.

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