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organize travel informationAre you a traveller at heart? If you like to keep your backpack close by, then you are. There are two types of travellers – the ones who just hit the trail and the ones who like to plan out every step of their trip in infinite detail. For both these tribes, the web is first port of call for travel information and travel tips.

We have featured a legion of travel related websites that make every jaunt just a little easier. We now take a look at TravelMuse – another travel site which can help you thread all the information collected from those travel sites into one neatly organized package.

TravelMuse makes it easy to plan your next trip by helping you save information from any Web site offering relevant travel recommendations and also giving you the tools to organize all your research in one place.

TravelMuse Is a Travel Planning Site

Travelling anywhere calls for lots of research if you want to avail of the best deals and save money. But how do you collate and organize the information overload? TravelMuse gives you two tools that make it easier:

The TravelMuse Bookmarker: The browser bookmarklet allows you to save pages, photos and text from any web site and store it all in an online Trip folder.

The TravelMuse Planner: The interactive map comes with useful scheduling information and destination previews that help you map out your trip more visually.


TravelMuse also has other site features like Themes (more like categories of travel destinations), Destinations (just like a travel search engine), and Get Inspired (for cool travel ideas). But let’s plan out a trip and see how all these different features come together to weave a memorable trip.

Let’s Plan a Trip to…Paris

I want to go to Paris for a romantic honeymoon. Doesn’t everybody! So, let’s see how we can organize a trip using the planning tools on TravelMuse.

Start off by gathering notes from your any website that has information on Paris. I started off with sites like Clicking on the bookmarklet opens up a window where you can save the page to your trip folder (or a research folder). You can save pages, photos or snippets of text.

organize travel information


You can enter additional information like the address or maps coordinates, and also choose the best thumbnail to go with it. The best way to fine-tune your organization is to enter the categories and street addresses if possible. It helps later to plot it all out on the map.

This is how my trip folder (“Honeymoon”) looks now:

organize travel info

You can straightaway schedule your travel by attaching the sights of Paris to the dates you have on hand. I am leaving one entire day for the Louvre! You can check out your schedule on the tab reserved for it.

organize travel info

Click on the tab marked as Map and see how all the sights and sounds of Paris come together. You get an idea of the distances you need to cover across the city. The importance of adding addresses is revealed here. You can plan out the trip so that it becomes easier to explore nearby places in one go.

organize travel info

You can do a few things more from this section of TravelMuse like book hotels, flights, and cars. But the most important thing you can do is to print out a neat PDF guide with all the travel itinerary and research notes you created here. You can pick and exclude the items you want in the PDF guide that you can print and carry with you.

plan your travel

Enrich Your Trip with Some Inspirational Travel Tips and Ideas

The Destinations section is a travel search engine in itself. You can enter your destination and explore the interactive map to get a bird’s eye view of the places you can visit. In fact, I found it to be the easiest place to start planning for my trip as I can add the attractions to my Trip folder with a click on the map.

plan your travel

You can also browse through what others have planned for the destination of choice. You can create a perfect itinerary thanks to the hard work and experience of others.

The Get Inspired section is more like an advanced filter for your travel needs. The screenshot below speaks for itself as it shows how you can match your travel needs to activities and travel times.

organize travel information

I wish I could ramble on just like the favorite desires of a longstanding traveller. But brevity demands, that I let you discover some parts of the site by yourself. Check out the Themes and Activities section for fine tuning your jaunts. And when your plans all come together, just click on Book to finalize all the lodging and commuting details.

Traipse through TravelMuse and give us a feedback on the site. Do you think it really helps you to plan out your getaways in finer detail?

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  1. Shawn Jones
    June 1, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    TravelMuse has since closed their Bookmarker and Planner pages. Not sure why, or why they didn't launch a standalone app - like Evernote but for travel - instead, as I can imagine it would be hugely popular.

  2. Dental Tourism
    October 23, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    I am a travel addict. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site. 

  3. michael
    October 23, 2011 at 5:03 am

    the second graph of this item has a bad link, to wit: "legion of travel related websites ". U probably have to work for MakeUseOf to open the link.

    • Saikat Basu
      October 23, 2011 at 10:20 am

      Corrected. Apologies for the error and thanks for spotting it.