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event planning softwarePlancast is creating a lot of buzz in the social world right now. If you haven’t heard yet, Plancast is a platform from which you can share your plans with your friends, so if you’re heading to a conference, sporting event, festival, party, movie premiere, or whatever, Plancast can help you let others know your plans ahead of time.

This concept is very simple. However, it’s the integration with your existing social networks – Facebook and Twitter – that make this a potentially powerful event planning software tool. Whether you’re trying to get people to attend your event or you just want to let your friends know your upcoming schedule, Plancast can accommodate your needs.

In this article, I am going to explore the idea of plan-sharing and why it might be a good idea to participate in.

Is Sharing Your Plans A Good Idea?

I like the idea of sharing my plans with others, especially if I have control over who sees them. Regarding Facebook and Twitter, I trust the people I am connected with or following for the most part, at least enough to share my plans with.

Why? Because plans can change. I already use geo-location apps like Gowalla and Foursquare to share my physical location with everyone, which I think is much more revealing than whatever I’m “planning” on doing. Also, plans don’t necessarily have to be places you’re going. Web and TV events count as plans too.


event planning software

From a business perspective it’s just the sort of tool you’d be looking for to alert people of upcoming events. It’s like an unofficial calendar of sorts that can be spread across the social construct. Seeing others’ plans can also give you a good idea of what everyone is up to and might inspire you to make similar plans of your own. Even if you only want to share your plans with your close friends, Plancast can be useful.

Getting Started With Plancast

Now that I’ve shared some of what I feel are the benefits to using this service, let’s dive right into the ‘using it’ part.

event planning

Plancast reminds me of Twitter a little, except that while Twitter asks, “What are you doing?“, Plancast wants to know, “What are you planning to do?“. See the difference? I know, it’s subtle, but let’s move forward with the interface.

To start using Plancast, head over to the homepage and create an account or sign in using your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

event planning ideas

From there you can search for all of your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and email contacts that are using Plancast and subscribe to those whose plans you would like to be notified of. Click the Subscribe button next to the person’s name and they will get an email telling them that you’ve subscribed to their plans (by default) so they can reciprocate.

Following The Activity

Once you’ve added some people on Plancast you can begin viewing their plans, as well as start sharing your own.

event planning ideas

On your homepage you can view recent activity from your friends in the community. There is also a local tab, which lets you type in a location to see local plans for. This can come in handy if you’re looking for something to do in a specific place.

event planning ideas

Clicking count me in on someone’s plans will add you to a list of people planning to attend. This can also function as a ‘like’ button for you if you want to express your interest in something, even if you can’t actually attend.

Anything Else?

Everyone on Plancast has their own profile page, where your subscribers can visit and view your plans. You can make your plans private at any time.

event planning software

Some other notable features of Plancast include the ability to search for people/plans within the interface, export friends’ plans as a Calendar Feed, and export to RSS.

On your settings page, you can opt to import your activity from Facebook events, as well as enable the option to share your plans on Twitter and Facebook automatically. Integration with Google Buzz 5 Awesome Tips To Improve Your Google Buzz Experience 5 Awesome Tips To Improve Your Google Buzz Experience Read More ,, and Eventbrite are also available.

Will you be checking out Plancast? Leave your thoughts, ideas, and comments below, and share this article with your friends/followers if you found it useful!

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