Plain Cloud: Easily Access iCloud Files From Your Mac

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iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage solution. It works really well for storing your backups and other key data from your iOS device. What it is not particularly good for is actually accessing the files stored there from your Mac. In fact, most users probably don’t even know that it is possible to access it at all, since the files are hidden away in an obscure folder on your Mac drive.

That problem is solved with a cool new application called Plain Cloud. It takes the difficulty out and lets you access the files stored in iCloud with ease.

access icloud files from mac

The main purpose of this app is actually seeing the backups from your applications that use iCloud. The app shows you a list of the all the folders where your iCloud stores app data, and you can do what you wish with those files. The layout makes it much easier than trying to dig through your Mac to find them on your own.


Of course, accessing backups is cool, but if you really want to flex the muscles of this program, you can actually use it as a method of syncing documents between your devices. If you have Pages on your device, you can access the iCloud files from your Mac. You can edit the docs and then save them so you can see them on your mobile device.

If you are frustrated with the limitations of iCloud, this is the perfect Mac app for you.


  • Access iCloud files from your Mac Book.
  • Sync documents across devices.

Find Plain Cloud @

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