PlagTracker: A Fast And Easy Way To Run Plagiarism Checks On Your Academic Papers

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PlagTracker is a web tool designed to help people run plagiarism checks on their academic papers and other types of texts. While it may not be the first such web service, PlagTracker is convenient to use with its quick and simple checking process, comprising three steps.

To begin with, users are required to upload the document they want to run the plagiarism check on. The uploading is done by entering the text in a text box. To start the plagiarism checker, hit the ‘Start Checking’ tab.

check plagiarism on papers

The text is then scanned by PlagTracker, providing users with the plagiarism report that highlights the areas where they need to provide citations or rephrase the text.


Visit PlagTracker.

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The tool is good. But, It would have been better if we have something like copyscape where we can check the pages online instantly.

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