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Are you planning to have a home built? If yes, then it would be a good idea to draw what you want your home to look like. To communicate your plans to a professional, you will need a good drawing of your plan. Placepad is a web service that will let you quickly and easily sketch house plans online.

sketch house plans online

Placepad is a web service that allows you to draw your house plans for free. After answering a series of questions like how many floors there will be, how many rooms on each floor, etc. – you will get a canvas where you can place rooms, garages, kitchens, etc.

You can drag the rooms onto the canvas and they will snap into place. Room resizing tools and wall shapers help you get the exact design you want. For each room you can upload a picture that captures the intended final look of that particular room. After finishing a floor you can move on to drawings for other floors. Finally you can save your design and revisit it later using your web browser.

To see PlacePad in action watch demo videos below:


NOTE: Placepad does not function on Google Chrome.


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