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As a proud self-called geek, I must confess one of the activities I am really fond of is downloading games, videos, software, and so on and so forth. After trying a number of download managers, accelerators and those sorts of helpers, I must say I have made up my mind and chosen one which really satisfies my needs: [NO LONGER WORKS] Orbit Downloader.

Orbit Downloader is much more than another simple download manager since it incorporates a set of features that definitely make it unique and useful. And of course I am not just talking about it being completely free; while this is undoubtedly an attractive feature, there is much more to Orbit than that.

A True Catcher

Something that has become usual in download managers since some time ago – I’ve seen this in Flashget for instance – is the ability to allow several connections per download. Not only does Orbit support this function, as well as pausing and resuming downloads, but it also integrates seamlessly to Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Firefox, the latter through an add-on that is installed together with the application.

So far, nothing seems to be too innovative or special if compared to other download managers The Best Free File Download Managers for Windows The Best Free File Download Managers for Windows Read More , but let me say that Orbit stands out for being a really light program with a truly user-friendly interface, suitable both for beginners and advanced users.

What caught my attention the most was that it caught more downloads than any other download software. In other words, it is able to work in websites which are in theory protected against this kind of software such as MegaUpload.

Just Get it!

Other features of Orbit Downloader worth mentioning are its ability to limit speed, streaming support and Flash downloads. When working with Orbit Downloader, it will automatically detect and download flash files (including FLV) from any website. This way, whether you’re browsing YouTube, Pandora, Myspace or Imeem, Orbit will download any multimedia file it detects. It also presents a P2P net which can potentially increase download speeds. However, I must say I have not been able to completely appreciate this feature so far.

Be Tidy!

Something that has truly helped me to overcome my anxiety problems and stop having my PC totally stuck for trying to download things at the same time is its scheduling function. Orbit Downloader allows you to schedule your downloads by day, time and frequency. You can even set it to turn off the computer once the download is complete.

To sum up, if you have had enough with the traditional download support of your browser and are quite tired of the same old programs, I would suggest you putting Orbit Downloader into orbit. And believe me, this is a program you will be happy to keep in your system tray.

Which download tool do you use and why?  Let us know in the comments.

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