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Pixelfari is a Mac OS app that can take your web back to the 1980’s when everything was in 8-bit. Pixelfari works with your Safari browser and renders everything in 8-bit including texts and images. To people who have never seen the 8-bit era, this will look ugly with blocky fonts and pixelated images. However, for many others it is a novelty that can take you back to older days when browsers were not so powerful.

The¬†resulting¬†websites appear to have chunky fonts, blocky images, overflowing text, messed up layout and many¬†inefficiencies. But then, it is not meant to replace your regular browser. The application only works for Mac and is quite a nostalgic piece of technology for people who used the Internet in the 80’s.

8 bit format


  • Displays web pages in 8-bit.
  • Renders both text and images.
  • Works with Mac only.
  • No registration required.

Download Pixelfari @

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