Pixect: Take Pictures With Your Webcam Online & Add Awesome Effects [Chrome]

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Are you looking for a cool way to take some fun photos with your webcam? Do you want to be able to share them with your friends on social networks quickly and easily? If so, you should take a look at Pixect for Google Chrome. It allows you to take pictures from your browser and add cool effects to them in the easiest way possible.

take pictures with your webcam

This handy flash-based web app works right in your Chrome browser, and it allows you to have all kinds of fun with your webcam. You can snap the photo directly from the app, and use some of the dozens of available effects to truly make the image your own. You can adjust the hue, saturation, brightness and more. It even supports multi-frame capture mode, so you can really get creative.


Once you have snapped your photo and added some cool effects, you can share your photos to Facebook and Twitter with just a couple of clicks. If you are looking for a cool way to snap and play with photos from your webcam, Pixect is a great choice.


  • Easily take webcam photos from your browser.
  • Apply more than a dozen effects to your picture.
  • Share pictures on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Adjust hue, saturation, brightness and more.
  • Flip image horizontally or vertically.
  • Multi-frame capture mode.
  • Similar tools: Neave Webcam Toy, SplitCam, WebCam Avatar, 3Frames99Colors and GIFup.

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why is it that the pictures i take… i can’t see in my Facebook photos?!



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