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The internet offers several tools that allow photographers and content managers to store and manage their online stock photos. However most of these services are largely grounded on the idea of providing online storage first, with photo stock management becoming just an afterthought. For professional photographers who are wary of their photos being wrongly used and for content managers who are worried if they do have the correct licenses for purchased photos, these web applications are just not good enough.


Pixamba is a web app that hopes to change the game. It is an online digital asset management service that helps microstock photography users to manage their portfolio of stock images effectively.


The whole interface of Pixamba is centered on archiving and indexing of images. You can store your purchased images from stock photography websites, or upload your own photos. You can index, search, and tag them as well as view various drafts and file versions of the images.

Pixamba displays your rights to each one of your photos with a real-time update on how you can use them further. It will let you know the policies attached to each photo so you know that you are not violating any rules when you use them.


Pixamba is especially useful if you have tens of thousands of images licensed from different sources. All of these photos are browsable and searchable. It can support a wide range of image formats from the usual JPG, PNG and GIF to TIFF, ECO, EPS, and more. Pixamba also offers an SFTP login to users for easy and secure uploading.

You can organize photos into several categories by tagging. These tags will then help you out when you need to search for a photo quickly. You can view the rights, source, run information, and licensing info of each photo. You can also change the attributes of multiple photos for better organization.


Pixamba has free and paid account options available. The free plan gives you 100MB storage. The paid accounts range from the $4.99 Basic account which gives you 3GB storage, to the $49.99 Max account with 80 GB storage. A 30-day trial is available for all paid accounts.

Pixamba is a very useful web app for content professionals looking for a fast and easy way to manage all their images without having to cross-check their rights and licenses. This app not only saves a lot of time, but it also gives content managers a better workflow whenever they have to deal with licensing issues.

Watch full introduction video below:


  • Free accounts gives up to 100MB storage
  • Paid accounts range from 3GB to 80GB storage
  • Fast and easy-to-use interface
  • Centralized digital media storage and management accessible from anywhere
  • Advanced fast search functionality
  • Integrated search in customer’s archive and in multiple stock agencies
  • Automated “˜Buy & Stock’ feature and original metadata retention
  • Advanced version control
  • Automated indexing
  • Accepts a wide range of formats

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