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Images are used in a variety of projects that cover all categories ranging from an online retail store to somebody’s personal application. But before you use an image in your project, you must ensure that its licensing allows you to use it. Finding such free images that can be used in personal and commercial projects is not very easy when you need those images to be high quality. Fortunately, Pixabay is here to help.

find high quality images

Pixabay is a website that helps you find images for your projects. The images you get from the website are free to use and are of high quality. Not only can the images be freely used but they also do not require you to attribute the author.

To start, all you have to do is type in a keyword and search for relevant images. Click on an image thumbnail you like and you will be able to view its enlarged form. In the bottom right of the page you will find more information about the image and the link to view it in its original resolution.


The Creative Commons’ official search has listed Pixabay and so has Wikipedia as an excellent resource for free high quality images. The site comes in 20 different languages.



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