Piriform’s Suite of Tools Puts You In Control Of PC Maintanence [Windows]

piriform   Piriforms Suite of Tools Puts You In Control Of PC Maintanence [Windows]Individual tools such as CCleaner and Defraggler have received their fair share of attention here at MUO, and deservingly so. As a bigger picture, Piriform (the brains behind those two pieces of software and others) has really solidified their name in the world of PC maintenance and optimization, and they continue to push out awesome tools that remain updated. For years, these guys have kept our systems in top shape.

For those of you who have never heard of their four amazing tools for Windows users, they are CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, and Speccy. All are compatible with every version of Windows past 2000, and all are incredibly useful. Let’s appreciate Piriform for what they’ve made for us and let’s recap on these four tools in this post.


ccleaner   Piriforms Suite of Tools Puts You In Control Of PC Maintanence [Windows]

CCleaner is a legend in the field of cleaning up your messy hard drive. With features that range from fine-tuning and cleaning at the core Windows services like your clipboard, memory dumps, and font and DNS caches, it’s never been tough to see why this software is the go-to solution for Windows machines. In recent years, CCleaner has continued to develop so nicely that now, as you install new programs, you’ll notice specific cleaning options for programs like Opera, Chrome, Evernote, Photoshop, Notepad++, Skype, Steam, and many more.

CCleaner goes above and beyond the norm of emptying your Recycle Bin and taking care of temporary Internet files.


defraggler   Piriforms Suite of Tools Puts You In Control Of PC Maintanence [Windows]

Windows’ shipped defragment tool almost looks like a joke when compared to the capabilities of Defraggler.

The specific features of this disk defragment companion really make it great. You’re able to just analyze your drive to test if it is in need of a defragment, and from there choose between your typical defrag or a quick defrag. You’re also able to isolate files or folders and only defragment them. Defragmenting freespace is also an option, as well as checking your disk for errors right from the Action menu.


recuva   Piriforms Suite of Tools Puts You In Control Of PC Maintanence [Windows]

Recuva is one of those pieces of software that serves the kind of a purpose that most people don’t think is even possible or don’t even know exists.

If you’ve ever deleted a file off of any drive, Recuva can help you get it back. Run the application, select the appropriate drive, and run a scan and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Even after the Recycle Bin, your files may still be salvagable. This is a piece of mind that every PC user should be able to experience and fall back on.


speccy   Piriforms Suite of Tools Puts You In Control Of PC Maintanence [Windows]

I know that there are several of you who are reading this article right now that wouldn’t be able to tell me what processor you’re using or how many gigs of RAM you’ve got under the hood. That’s fine, because that’s exactly the type of thing that Speccy strives to help the average user with.

Similar to CPU-Z in features, just run this application and give it a few seconds while it collects information about your system. From there, you’re able to glance through tabs and look over more system information than you could have ever wanted. This goes far beyond what the System screen contains (through thw Windows Control Panel). Knowing the ins and outs of your system means you’re able to make a better judgment on what may harm your system, what games can be run comfortable, and more.

You guys let me know how much you love these four applications in the comments. Piriform deserves a lot of credit, and these are four tools I’ll always use.

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Rajaa Chowdhury

One of my favorite software company. I adore ccleaner, speccy, defraggler and recuva and have been using them for years. Clean neat interface with regular software updates. One of the best free software range for home users. This article is really 100% deserving to the awesome company Piriform. This is gratitude from a followers of this company and their great software offerings.


wonderful software 100% recommended

druv vb

These software are recommended for anyone using a computer!
Simple and straight forward functions with a clean interface make them hassle-free to use. Kudos to Piriform and their products! I’ve been using them for several years and I recommend everyone to try their products. Good work there…

Dimal Chandrasiri

why use speccy when you can use CPU-Z for free? O.o

Craig Snyder

Are you implying Speccy is not free?

Dimal Chandrasiri

well I wen to download the software and speccy for home users costs $19… that’s the reason I mentioned here! :(

Pierre O.

Speccy is free without support
$19.95 if you want suppport


CCleaner has been an everyday use for me for years. The amount of junk it gets rid of is astounding.

Wahesu wafahali

i ike this site, i really wana win a mac book.

Wahesu wafahali

who has won something so fa?,

Reý Aetar

another set of useful tools i used while i was on windows is from eusing

Jobeth Madrilejos

this apps are installed in my win xp and win 7 os. :)


Must-install on any machine running Windows. Incredible tools!

Samarth Gupta

I love recuva. The best and free software for recovering deleted files.

Blue Pijama

can you recommend something similar to speccy that would scan an entire network? free, of course and other than spiceworks :)

Max McFarland

I’d be interested in this as well.

Dale Howell

Have you tried Belarc Advisor? I know it’s free for a single pc, because I’ve used it for years. I don’t know about cost for a network.


Now this is a software i wish was inbuilt to windows :P

Elrick Browne

Ccleaner is in my top five pc maintance software, i give piriform a lot of credit for making these as awesome as they are and free

Kirby Ang

I prefer Hwinfo32 over speccy since it also shows you the specs of your monitor in addition to your CPU specs.

Deekshith Allamaneni

I used to use CCleaner earlier but I feel BleachBit is better than that.

Miguel Luna

I love all four applications. It’s a must have on almost any PC. I’d just like to have an auto-update function, but i think it’s on the pay version.


CCleaner is legendary maintenance software, been used since 2009

Kelly Buchanan

Definitely a favorite of mine!


I just use ccleaner, because that’s the only promising one i see.
I already use recuva, and i must say it is not go like my expectation, it even cannot recover anything.. Other paid recovery tools do better, if you are a serious about recovering your extremely important data, you should use a more professional tool.

Rich Mc.

I have been a fan of these programs for a long time and am glad that you covered them all. Their clean interfaces and easy to use tools are a great way for users of all skill levels to keep their systems up and running.

salim benhouhou

piriform suite is awesome it’s the first softwares that i install on any computer (mine or on my friends PCs)

Eric S

I use CCleaner at least once a month! It keeps everything running smooth.
I need to try the Defraggler though.

Nikhil Chandak

I downloaded many of these tools from Piriform

Rajeev Rohatgi

System Ninja seems to find more junk files to delete than CCleaner

Brenden Barlow

i particularly enjoy ccleaner. its one of the (many) fairly small programs i install almost as soon as i get a fresh windows install.

Rajaa Chowdhury


Piriform has some great software. I use all these except Recuva (which I have installed but never needed).