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You might need to search for somebody online or various reasons such as trying to find out how an old high school friend is doing or where a relative you had not met in a long time was presently. Regular search engines can reveal only so much in these cases. What you need is a search engine dedicated solely to people-searches. And that is precisely what Pipl is.

Pipl is a free to use web tool that lets you look for people’s search results online. You can look for people by entering the first name, last name, and their location. The more specific you are about the location, the better, but specifying only the country will also work. The search results of the site are sorted into contacts, background reports, premium address reports, personal profiles online, results from, results of professionals, email addresses, and record archives. Providing the data categorized like that make Pipl a unique people-search-engine that will surely help you out.


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