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pinterest users to followIt’s no secret we’re big fans of Pinterest here at MakeUseOf. The virtual pinning board of the Internet has helped us while away many an hour, getting lost in the many photos, ideas and posts that the site has to offer. For the geek, Pinterest can be the ultimate source of inspiration, and a great way to discover new and interesting things.

For that reason, we’ve put together a list of geeky Pinterest users you should be following. With just about everything you need on how to use Pinterest with photography gear and social media tips – Pinterest can cater to your every geeky need. Check out the list below of Pinterest users to follow, in no particular order.

For The Photo Geek: Photojojo

pinterest users to follow

There’s simply no contest for the must-follow board on Pinterest for any photography geek. Photojojo’s Pinterest board lives up to the site’s reputation. Not only do the Photojojo Pinterest boards feature the site’s own nifty products, it also showcases cool photography, interesting photography quotes, and even run the occasional contest where you can win some Photojojo swag.

For The Girl Geeks: Geeksugar

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While Geeksugar will certainly appeal to all the geek ladies, there’s a lot of great content that will appeal to just about any geek. From geek paraphernalia to fill your home to gadgetry to everything you’d want to know about Star Wars, Dr. Who and Star Trek – Geeksugar has left no geek stone unturned.


For The Tech Geek: CNET

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Tech blog CNET is running a pretty impressive set of boards on Pinterest that runs the gamut of just about any geek topic your heart could desire. Science, DIY, gadgets, infographics,fitness and health, and a bit of car tech thrown in for good measure. In short, if you’re not going to follow any other geek boards, you should at least follow CNET.

For The Internet Geek: Marketing Land

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With Google+, Twitter and Facebook boards – the social media geek will definitely want to follow tech blog Marketing Land on Pinterest. In addition to major social media networks, you’ll also find boards covering all things Internet marketing and SEO-related.

For The Book Nerd: Penguin Books

interesting pinterest

The Penguin Books Pinterest boards are a virtual smorgasbord of classic literature, books about writing books, kids books and more. Penguin is also among the brands that showcases more than just its own products. With boards dedicated to journaling, and just a general love of books, if you still can’t bring yourself to buy an e-reader – these boards are for you.

For The Food Geek: Epicurious

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Whatever you do, don’t check these boards out when you’re hungry because it will only make matters worse. Much worse. Epicurious’ Pinterest boards are a mouthwatering display of some of the best recipes the site has to offer. Pinterest boards just lend themselves perfectly to displaying the recipes categorised by food type or occasion.

For The News Geek: Newseum

interesting pinterest

For the news geek there is probably no place on the planet more appealing than the Newseum. If you can’t make it to the museum itself, you can always satisfy your journalistic curiosity with their Pinterest boards. Showcasing the Newseum itself, and its many facilities, the Pinterest boards also focus on major events and their coverage in the news, the most recent of which includes Hurricane Sandy and the 2012 Summer Olympics.

For The Gadget Geek: Sony

Sony’s Pinterest boards showcase the best of their products, and does a pretty good job of leaving viewers in a gadget-induced haze of lust. With product shots and Sony product in action, the boards do more than just display Sony’s own goods. If you follow Sony you’ll also get a share of mouthwatering food, memes for moms, and can even make a charitable difference. For every repin Sony receives on its Pin It to Give It board, they’ll donate $1 to charity.

For The Interior Design Geek: Synapse 

If you’re going to be moving house anytime soon, Synapse is the account to follow on Pinterest. Synapse provides inspiration room by room in your house, while delving a little deeper in some of its other boards: kitchen art, christmas tree ideas and organizational tools are all covered by Synapse.

For The All-Encompassing Geek

pinterest users to follow

For the be-all, end-all of geekery on Pinterest, look no further than Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp’s boards. With everything from infographics and typography to architecture and Internet culture, it’s not the least bit surprising that one of Pinterest’s founders is really making the very most out of the site.

Do you have any suggestions on Pinterest users to follow? Let us know in the comments.

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