Pinterest Posts New Guidelines for Businesses and E-Commerce Users [Updates]

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The popular virtual bookmarking site, Pinterest posted this week information and updates about its new set of terms of agreement for e-commerce and general users.

Pinterest business users such as retailers, online merchants, publications, designers, institutions or local businesses will be required to sign up for a Pinterest business account, which will provide them a verification badge, an official “Pin It” and “Follow” button, a Profile or Board widget, and access to upcoming marketing features. Existing businesses on Pinterest can use a very simple convert form to apply for the new requirements.

In its company blog pages, Pinterest shares several businesses–including Jetsetter, Allrecepies, and Etsy–that already successfully use the site to increase customer reach, drive traffic to their sites, and engage the strongest advocates.

The site also provides a link to its “Logos, Trademarks and Marketing Guidelines,” that include marketing tools businesses can use on their own sites and literature. The company says it wants to provide businesses with guidelines, tips, and best practices that will help businesses learn how to use Pinterest to engage potential customers, inspire people, and grow communities.

The site recommends how to use Pinterest to tell a story about your business, promote your pins, reward your strongest advocates, make your boards more personal and creative, and write thoughtful descriptions.

The Pinterest terms and privacy page for both businesses and general users is presented in legalese and plain English terms of agreement for using the site, including usage requirements, content ownership and copyright policy, third-party links, sites and services, and its termination policy.

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Source: Pinterest via Techcrunch

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Chaos Emperor

Is shopping in the internet is good?I never trust it.

Bakari Chavanu

Chaos, I’ve never had a problem. I use Paypal for most all my transaction, or I will only make purchases on reputable sites.


Toni Mansbridge

Interesting Pinterest article. Have you heard of the ‘social selling’ trend?

I found this site and love to sell on it – it’s sort of like an ‘Ebay/Etsy of Pinterest’. It’s called SellPin. – no listing fees and your item stays up/pinned on Pinterest until it sells.

Bakari Chavanu

Thanks for sharing this, Toni. Hadn’t heard of it.

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