Pinterest Now Emails Updates and Popular Boards [Updates]

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If you’re a fan of the popular visual bookmark sharing site, Pinterest you may have already received its first email newsletter in your box this week. The site rolled out its Pinterest Weekly to its more than 10 million registered users.

The newsletter starts with your popular pins for the week, followed by “Here at Pinterest…” which highlights a popular pin. This week’s feature is Isaac’s “Live Lip-Dub” video for his girlfriend, Amy.

Pinterest Weekly also includes links to Popular Boards and Pins You’ll Love presented in the pinboard fashion of the site. The “popular” shared pins focus on a range of topics, from fitness board “Just Do It Love” with 488,000 followers, to a display of “Cute Dacshshunds” with 771 followers.

If you rather not receive the weekly update, you can turn it off by clicking the link at the end of the newsletter or visiting your Pinterest board and selecting Settings under your profile, and then click Change Email Settings. From there you can turn off the weekly activity, as well as disable other email settings, such as when someone Likes a pin you posted.

The newsletter undoubtedly serves a couple of purposes. One is to keep users updated on Pinterest activity, and the other is to expose them to personalized content, such as interesting pins and boards that they don’t have to seek out themselves.

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In other news, Pinterest also announced on its company blog that it’s seeking Pinterest Translators, with the goal of making site content available in other languages including French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Source: Mashable

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