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Pinterest has radically redesigned its mobile website. The latest makeover closes the gap in user-experience with its desktop version, also the iOS and Android apps. The iOS and Android apps remain the best way to enjoy the visual appeal of pins, but if you do not have, or do not want to install the mobile apps, then the mobile website could be the way to go. Pinterest says that it is launching in new countries and presenting a similar experience across all its interfaces makes sense as the world goes increasingly mobile.


The mobile website is refreshed with a cleaner look. Desktop features that help you to find more useful pins and related pins have been ported to the mobile version. The most recent boards are first on the board picker. It’s just as easy as the app to follow new boards, pin images, and create new boards with the smoother workflow. Pinterest says that if you don’t have the apps, the mobile website is just as good.

A well-designed mobile website is an important cog for the very visual Pinterest as more traffic is steered from mobiles. A TechCrunch report says that mobile apps account for 75% of the usage, and it’s a figure that does not include the mobile website as yet. The mobile website could also be the first point of interaction for many users as Pinterest scales up around the globe. How frequently do you use Pinterest on your mobile? Give the website a look on your mobile browser.

Source: Pinterest Blog

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