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This past Tuesday, image-sharing site Pinterest released some updates for its iOS 2.4 and Android 1.4 apps, which now include an activities notification feature, the ability to mention and notify a Pinterest friend in a pin comment or note, plus search term suggestions.

These mobile app updates mirror the makeover features of Pinterest’s Web platform. Now both mobile apps include a notifications list of activities related to your board, such as recent followers, re-pinned items, and comments made on your pins. Push Notifications are also included, if you enable them on your device.

Similar to the tagging feature in Twitter and Google+, the new notifications feature allows you to mention and notify Pinterest users you’re following in comments. To mention users, type the @ key followed by the first a few letters of a person’s Pinterest username, and then select that name in the pop-up. A notification will be sent to each of the people you mention.

Pinterest has also enhanced its mobile search feature. As you begin to type a keyword, a list of suggested terms will appear, starting with terms related to content on your boards. The list will also include recent terms you have searched for. This feature also syncs between your devices, so that if you search for an item on your computer, that same term will show up in a suggested list when you search for it on your mobile device.

Download: Pinterest for iOS, Pinterest for Android


If you’re an avid Pinterest user, these updates should make the mobile apps even better to use. Do you like them new features?

Source: Pinterest Blog

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