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Pinterest launched a new feature on Thursday that will help users take a step towards actually purchasing the items they see: price alerts.

Pinterest has long served the Internet community’s place for virtual window-shopping. Typically, users pin items that they hope to have but may never even buy at all. Coming shortly after the release of Pinterest’s “pin price” feature which allows users to see the current price of their pinned items, the new price alerts help users keep up with price changes for items that they have set their sights on.

Users can activate price alerts simply by pinning items to one of their boards, and they will be notified via email when the price has dropped. To avoid unintentional spamming, representatives have already announced that various prices will be consolidated into as few emails as possible for the benefit of the user. If the email frequency is still too high, the user can customize it in their settings.

Pinterest hopes to add value to the pins on their site, and by teaming up with major and independent retailers, the new price alert system makes Pinterest stand out in the world of online commerce.

The new price drop feature also pits Pinterest against other sites such as Wanelo and Wantworthy which have already taken a stab at the consumer market.


How do you feel about the new Pinterest price alerts? Will you make use of them? Do you believe that the email notifications will be too much, or do you look forward to them? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Pinterest via TechCrunch

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