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Pinger lets you send free voice messages to any mobile phone. It’s like audio text messaging. Quite handy in cases when it’s too early or late to call, or when you just don’t want to have a conversation. Not only can you send messages to a single contact but also to an entire group. (Note: US only)

How It Works ?

  • Sign-up for free Pinger account.
  • 2. Simply dial (858) 2PINGER or your own ‘Pinger Send number’.
  • 3. Say the name of the people or group you want to message.
  • 4. Say your message after the beep and hang up the phone.
Pinger : Free Voice Messages to Any Mobile

Feature Overview

  • Sned free voice messages to any mobile phone.
  • Send voice messages to a group of people with just one call.
  • Forward received messages to others.
  • Access and Manage your messages, contacts and Pinger settings online.
  • PingerCast: Broadcast rich voice messages directly to thousands of mobile phones (fans, supporters, etc.).
  • Import contacts from: Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Mac Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, AOL Mail, Thunderbird Switching To Mozilla Thunderbird!!! Switching To Mozilla Thunderbird!!! Read More , Palm Desktop, Outlook, or any mobile phone.
  • Works with almost all carriers and mobile phones.
  • Custom Pinger cleints for Palm Treo and Balckberry users.

Pinger Users

Pinger Demo


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