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Freelancer and Craigslist are good for certain things, but if you want somebody to do simple tasks or run errands for you, PinDone is a great service to try. Once you create an account, post a task including details, location and the service charge you are willing to pay. The task will then be displayed to several runners in your area who can then apply to get the task done. You can review their profiles and select the one who meets your criteria.

You pay the specified amount to PinDone via your credit card and the runner gets their cut after PinDone takes out a small fee. You can also track all the tasks you have posted at any time and chat with runners who are interested in doing your errands.

get your errands done


  • Get tasks and errands done.
  • Select a runner who meets your criteria.
  • Track your task’s progress and pay online.
  • Similar tools: Gigwalk,¬†RunMyErrand, DoStuffForMoney and RentAFriend.

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