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Recording a bunch of videos and then taking out their best parts to make a ‘highlights’ video can be a really difficult task. This is especially true if you are using a smart device rather than a computer. Here to help smart device owners with this task is an app called Pincam.


Pincam is a smart device application that is compatible with iOS devices. The application is sized at nearly 20 MB and requires your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices to be running version 5.1 or later of iOS. The function of the application is to let you record videos, apply filters to them, stitch them together, upload them, and share them online.

Each one of these steps is handled by the application in an extremely user friendly manner. You can immediately begin recording your videos in the application. While recording your videos you can ‘pin’ certain parts of the video i.e. mark them as your favorite sections of the video. Pincam can then take all these sections of the videos you have recorded, and create a highlights reel of the most fun moments in your life.

The videos you create can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Facebook. The uploaded videos can be shared via emails as well.



The application offers other features that people who record videos will find to be useful. For example, you are given various filters that you can apply to your videos. Furthermore, you can tag your media with locations and record videos in either portrait or landscape modes.

  • A user friendly phone app
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Let’s you record videos, make highlight reel of important events, and upload videos online
  • Videos can be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube
  • Videos can be shared via email as well

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