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While sharing a quotation from somebody, you are often asked who said it and what your source was. While you might not remember these things all the time, with “Pin A Quote”, you get a way to share quotations so that those questions are automatically answered.

converting text into jpg

Pin A Quote is a free to use web service that pins quotations from the Internet to unique webpages. You start by dragging the service’s bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. Next you highlight a piece of text from a webpage and click on the bookmarklet. You can optionally type in the name of the author of the quote; the online source is automatically copied.

Your quote is published as a JPG image on a unique webpage that can be shared with your friends. There are sharing buttons on the page too so that you can easily share the page with others. The service can also be used as a simple means to convert text into images.


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