Pillboxie – A Lifesaver With Easy To Use Medication Reminders [iOS]

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Pillboxie e1352844403551   Pillboxie   A Lifesaver With Easy To Use Medication Reminders [iOS]Remembering to take your medication is obviously incredibly important. Depending on the reason you need to take a certain kind of medication, remembering the pill can literally be a matter of life and death. Even if it isn’t as serious as that, the doctor prescribed the medication for a reason, and in order for it to it have any effect, you need to be consistent in remembering to take the medication. Thankfully, smartphones can make the process of remembering to take your medication easier. The App Store has lots of apps for this very purpose – some good, some not so much.

From all the medication reminder apps I have seen, Pillboxie is the one I prefer. It has the simplest interface, which makes it easy to log your pills and move on with your life. If you need to make sure to remember your pills, this is the application for you. It’s available from the App Store for $0.99, and it is definitely worth a download if you have a hard time keeping track of your medication.


2012 11 13 14.54.05 e1352844163131   Pillboxie   A Lifesaver With Easy To Use Medication Reminders [iOS]

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The first thing you will want to do when using this app is create entries for each medication you are taking. To do this, go to the “Medications” tab and click “New” on the top of the screen. This is where you will choose the shape you wish to use for the medication, the name of it, the reason for taking it, and any special instructions you wish to leave. Once finished, click “Done” on the top of the screen to save the pill in your list of medications.

2012 11 13 14.54.38 e1352844217306   Pillboxie   A Lifesaver With Easy To Use Medication Reminders [iOS]

After you’ve created all of your pills, you will need to set up reminders for each one. Click on the medication you want to create reminders for, and then click “Schedule” above the pill. This will bring up an interface that resembles a real-life pill-box. Simply drag the pill to the time you need to take it and drop it in the box. By default, the app schedules you to take the pill daily at that time.

If you need to change that, simply click “Days” and pick when you need to take it. You can choose settings such as every X days, weekly, monthly, and as needed. When you finish all this, click “Done,” and your reminder will be saved. Repeat the process for each medication.

2012 11 13 14.55.06 e1352844260406   Pillboxie   A Lifesaver With Easy To Use Medication Reminders [iOS]

From the Medications tab, you can also view your history. This is great if you cannot remember if you took a pill on a certain day. You can also click the “Share” button to send the history to others. If you want to show your family or doctor that you have been diligent with taking your pills, this feature will really come in handy.

2012 11 13 14.54.11 e1352844299403   Pillboxie   A Lifesaver With Easy To Use Medication Reminders [iOS]

You can click the “Patient” tab to add more information about yourself, or whomever you are using the reminders for. You can choose a custom reminder sound from this screen, add notes, and share your history of medications taken. Sharing the medication list is especially useful if you need a family member to know what you are taking.

2012 11 13 14.54.14 e1352844336696   Pillboxie   A Lifesaver With Easy To Use Medication Reminders [iOS]

If you want to tweak the medication reminder app to your liking, the “Settings” tab is where you will want to go. You can enable privacy mode, which will make it so the notifications do not list the name of the medication. You can also enable 24-hour time, whether the app keeps reminding you over and over until you take the pill, and more useful tweaks.

The app also has a cool feature that can find prices for medications. It could help you save some money on prescriptions, which tend to be obscenely expensive. To get access to this feature, simply click the “Prices” button on the top left of the Medications screen.


This is a fantastic way to remember to take your medications. There are some apps on the App Store that have more features than this one, but this one comes with such a slick interface that it edges them all out as my preference. Even new iPhone users can figure out how to use this app with ease. It’s definitely worth the $0.99 to grab it from the App Store.

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F√©lix S. De Jes√ļs

Hehehehe, I used to activate alarms to get the pills. I will try this now!!


Mark O’Neill

I use this to remind myself to take my medication. It’s a great app and totally indispensable.


F?rat Demirel

Actually i’m using it for a while for my daily red medicine. But reminder is not working well or i can not set it for every 15 mins or more. I know there is an option but when i activate it reminds me in every minute.. :s

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