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For every type of product, you will find various brands and models. Figuring out which item will suit your needs best usually takes a lot of research and time. But thanks to “Pikimal” finding the most suitable product is made extremely easy.


Pikimal is a free to use website that lets you find the products that suit your specific needs. You start by choosing the category your product belongs to: software, sports, health, electronics, etc. Within each category are items that you can pick. Suppose you were looking for a video camera, you would enter ‘Electronics’ and then select ‘Camcorders.’


When you select your product type, a list of automatically generated templates is displayed. These templates are generally what people are looking for. For instance in camcorders you can quickly jump to a template titled “for serious videographers” or “for doubling as a digital camera.”

If you prefer, you can access the detailed options that let you customize each factor of the product according to your preferences. You can modify the importance of each factor through sliders.

With your preference set, you can execute the products search and view what Pikimal comes up with. The search results include important details such as price. You can click on a product title to view more details about it.

Pikimal also lets visitors rate and write reviews for a product – these definitely help shoppers reach a decision.

Watch demo:


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Lets you find a product best suited to your needs.
  • You can customize importance of factors or use a template.
  • Products include important details.

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