PicView: Voice Tag & Annotate Your Photos [iPad]

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A photo can tell a story. Just looking at a photo gives you a brief snapshot in time. You can look at a photo and know where someone has been and what they were doing. However, what if you want to tell a broader story with your photo? With PicView on the iPad, you can easily add voice notes and annotations to any photo with just a couple of taps on your screen.

annotate your photos

To use the app, you simply add a photo like you would on any iOS photo app. You can add simple voice annotations to the photo using their quick voice recorder. You can also pinpoint certain parts of the picture and add handy animations called Trackers. Of course, you can also share the photos on Facebook, Twitter and email.


Once you finish adding your story to the photo there are plenty of filters to make your image stand out. Not only can you add a detailed story, but you can make your image your own with cool style.


  • Add voice notes to your photos using your iPad.
  • Add animations to photos called Trackers.
  • Filters to edit your photo and make it your own.
  • Share photos on social networks.
  • Similar tool: Fotobabble.

Find PicView on the iTunes App Store

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