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geotag photoThe Windows file system seems as logical to geeks as the recipe for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but for many people it isn’t as sensible. The human mind does not naturally take memories and store them into neat little folders. Instead, memory is usually kept in reference to certain triggers. One of those is location.

The memory of a family trip to Seattle will likely be easier to conjure if someone asks you about Seattle specifically than if you were asked about the vacation your family took on 7/21/1986.

Enter geotagging.

This method of organization tries to make the process more natural by letting you tie your pictures to a map. They’ll still be shoved into folders, of course – there is no way around that – but you can also use the map to browse your photos. If someone asks about your trip to Seattle you can simply find Seattle on the map and presto! Your photos will appear. Of course, to accomplish this you need a program that supports the ability to geotag photos, and Pictomio is one such program.

Geotagging With Pictomio

The first time you run Pictomio you will be prompted with a display that asks you to sync the time of your camera with the time displayed on-screen. Go ahead and do this now if the camera is handy. If it isn’t, just ask Pictomio to remind you later using the drop-down menu at the bottom of the prompt.

Pictomio will by default open to the “File System” menu. This displays your Windows media folders including Pictures, Videos and Documents folders. Obviously we’re most interested in the Pictures folder for this program, so you can open that by simply double-clicking the folder. Alternatively, you can use the file tree on the left side of the program to navigate.


geotag photo

Unless you have a camera that can geotag photos (in which case I envy you) there won’t be any geotag information on any of your photos, but you can add it as you desire. For example, I took a trip out to Tillamook, Oregon a few years back.

To geotag photos, you first need to open the folder the photos are in. Once you have done that, look for the Map tab at the very top of the program. It will be the tab furthest to the right. Pictomio can use either Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth to display map data, and the choice is yours.

Once you’ve decided a map of the world will open. At the bottom of the map is a search bar. You can use this to find a location or, if you already know where the location is on a map, simply zoom in. The photos in the folder you’ve selected will appear at the top of the map. To geotag the photos, simply drag-and-drop the photos to the desired location. You can do this one at a time or geotag a whole stack of photos.

Geotagging does require that data be written to your photos, so Pictomio will display a prompt above your photo thumbnails asking for permission. The photo geotag information won’t be saved unless you give it. The data is written as an extension to your photos. This means that the geotag data that you’ve added should now be accessible by any program that can make use of geotags.

how to geotag photos

Once you have a set of photos geotagged you can browse them on the map. Clicking on a photo will bring up a thumbnail carousel view that displays all of the geotagged photos at that location. The way geotag locations are bundled together is relative to your perspective. If you zoom out from an area all of the photos geotagged to the same area will be bundled into one stack on your map.

geotag photo


The information here is not a complete list of everything Pictomio can do. Besides being able to add geotags, Pictomio is a complete photo album program with a number of organization options besides geotagging. It is also possible to create “trips” that are based off stored GPS data combined with dates and times. This feature is only available to people with GPS-enabled cameras, however – if you have such a device and you’ve used this functionality let us know if you liked it.

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How do you geotag your photos?

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