PictoBrowser: An Embeddable Viewer For Your Flickr & Picasa Photographs

Sharing your Picasa or Flickr photographs on your own website is a great way to connect with your audience. But re-uploading your Picasa/Flickr images on your website would be very time-consuming. Here to offer a convenient solution is a web app called PictoBrowser.

pic to browser   PictoBrowser: An Embeddable Viewer For Your Flickr & Picasa Photographs

PictoBrowser is a user-friendly web app, completely free to use. The app provides you with an embeddable photographs viewer that loads photos from your Picasa or Flickr account. This viewer lets site visitors easily browse photos or view their slideshow. Viewers can also check out the original links of the photos. All you need to do to setup PictoBrowser is access its “Builder” interface online and provide it with your Flickr/Picasa account information. You can then customize the photo viewer’s interface to suit your website and then obtain its HTML code. Simply embed this code in your site to share your photos with your visitors.


Check out PictoBrowser @ www.pictobrowser.com

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