Pics4Learning: Free Images For Educational Purposes

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Teachers often use visual aids and photographs to better explain the topic at hand. If you are looking for such pictures for educational purposes, then Pics4Learning deserves your attention.

free images for educational purposes

You will find a large collection of photographs on a variety of topics. Some of these topics/categories include animals, architecture, geography, science, tools, and natural disasters. You can find images through browsing categorically or by searching for specific keywords.

An ‘advanced search’ interface even lets you specify the captions and photographer for the image you are trying to find. The results are displayed as thumbnail images that can be sorted by date, name, photographer, size, and popularity. Clicking on an image thumbnail will take you to its page where you can view its details and download it.

free images for educational purposes

The images on the site have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. You can donate images too, if they are of a good quality and in JPEG or PNG format.


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