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Viewing photos online and looking at their prints are two different experiences. While you can do a lot of things online, like zooming in to them, increasing brightness, adding effects, etc, physically looking at them usually has a greater satisfaction and joy quotient. Picplum is a web service that lets you send photo prints to your loved ones every month. You upload the photos, add recipients and it’ll mail them the prints each month. At $7 per month you can send one set of 15 4″ x 6″ photo prints, shipping included.

send photo prints

The service ships internationally but shipping costs will be extra. Currently, you can send the first batch of photos for free (US only). They also have a pay as you go plan where you pay $1.50 as shipping charges, and then 50 cents for each photo print you order.


  • Order photo prints online.
  • Send to your loved ones every month.

Check out Picplum @

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