PicoNote: Offline & Online Note Taking Program

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PicoNote is an offline and online note taking program using which you can easily write and read your notes from the web, your desktop or mobile phone. All the entries you make are automatically synchronized between online and offline clients.

To get started first go to the website and sign up. The registration process is fairly quick. You can then download desktop application for offline access. In order to use the service via mobile phone go to http://m.piconote.com and login using your account credentials.

online note taking program

The application is free and without any limitations. Notes can be kept private or shown publicly. You can also browse public notes of other users.

note taking application


  • Write and read notes from the web, your PC or mobile phone.
  • To take notes offline, download and install desktop application.
  • Automatically syncs notes between your PC, mobile phone and your online account
  • Make notes private or public.
  • Add notes via Twitter.

Check out Piconote @ www.piconote.com

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Piconote’s website is off… bad sign.



Hmmm… a bit more prolix, don’t you think, Harriot?
Love and vinegar, tom the hotmail com. Love to the tweeties!



yea i was thinking the same. at 1st i was like, wth is wrong with my spelling!?!



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