PicArtia: Create your Own Photo Mosaic Online

PicArtia lets you upload an image from your hard drive or web and quickly convert it to an attractive photo mosaic. The ready photo mosaic can be then downloaded to your computer and/or shared with friends. The way it works, go to PicArtia and upload the image you want to create the mosaic for and then select the Flickr gallery that should be used for creating the mosaic.

Next customize the output resolution and single cell size. Finally click “Create Mosaic” and wait for an email with a download code. Optionally if you are interested in getting high quality photo mosaics in print you can order them as well.

picarta4   PicArtia: Create your Own Photo Mosaic Online


  • Upload your image (or grab from URL) and create photo mosaic online.
  • Supported photo formats : JPG only
  • Share generated mosaic with others via email.
  • Download and save ready mosaic in mid-resolution for free.
  • Premium (Not Free): Order created mosaics in high-quality print. More details.
  • Coming soon: Option to generate photo mosaic using you own photos from Flickr or PhotoBucker.
  • Check out mosaic samples by going to PicArtia gallery page.

picarta   PicArtia: Create your Own Photo Mosaic Online

Go to PicArtia @ www.picartia.com

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Not a nice mosaic maker:
– you can’t select more than one galery
– When you commit, a message prompts you to click on advertisings (this is forbidden by Adsense)
– The process is slow
– May be a temporary incident, but i have not received the attempted e-mail…
– Apprently, the quality, on the small sample, seems to be low.
– The “high quality” mosaic is not free
– Currently, you can’t insert your personal photographs


Joseph you forgot to recommend another