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PhpList is one of the most popular e-mail marketing tools today and the most popular open-source tool for e-mail management. However, you have to download, install, and configure the software before you can start using it, which can limit the way you want to use it.

Fortunately, they are now offering a beta service of PhpList Hosted, which is basically the cloud-based version of this email campaign manager. PhpList Hosted is ready-to-use and it will allow you to access and manage your email campaigns easily and conveniently, from any computer.

open source email list manager software

Once you have signed up for an account in phpList Hosted, you will be automatically provided with a trial account of the service. This will let you send up to 300 messages per month with a daily limit of 50 messages. If you wish to send larger volumes of emails after trying out the free service, you may then sign up for a paid account that will let you send from 2,000 messages per month up to 100,000 messages per month (depending on the subscription), which also allows attachments.

Aside from being a very convenient email campaign manager, PhpList Hosted allows you to experience the latest developments in PhpList without doing constant upgrades. This tool is a great, cheap, and powerful alternative for popular e-mail marketing tools.


  • Open source email list manager online.
  • Access you email campaigns from any computer.
  • No downloading, installation, and configuration required.
  • Automatically processes message queue and bounces.
  • Manages whitelisting and deliverability of your email campaigns.
  • Secure managing of account.
  • Experience first the latest developments from phpList.
  • Similar Tools: MadMimi, Minimalist G-mail, and Gtriage

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