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PHP Jabbers Quote Calculator is a free to use web service that will be of great use to developers, especially ones who freelance. When developers are contacted by potential clients, they are required to submit a quotation that details the expected cost of the project that a client will be paying. There are various things to consider in this cost such as the time required to hold discussions with the client, testing the final product, and providing support after the launch of the product. This is all, of course, in addition to the actual time spent on the development of the project.

quotation for project

When you begin creating an invoice for all of these tasks, you might skip a few important details that you will later regret skipping. Here to help you by making sure you do not skip those details while creating a quotation for your development project is a very useful web app called PHP Jabbers Quote Calculator. The function of this app is to help you create and email an invoice for your web project. You start by typing in the time that will required on the development of the projects. From then onwards, you type in the expected hours that will be spent on the various project activities such as testing. The provided template helps make sure that the important things do not slip your mind. Once all of these things are set, you are shown the total time that will be spent on the project and the total cost which is determined after you provide the site with your hourly rate. Optionally, you can have the invoice emailed to yourself and/or your client.

php jabbers quote calculator


  • A user friendly web service.
  • A very useful app for web developers and IT freelancers.
  • Lets you create an invoice for your development projects.
  • Lets you email invoice to yourself and / or client.
  • Similar tool: Quotebase.

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