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If there is one thing that you can never get bored of, it is amazing images from different parts around the world. Here to help you find and view these images is an app called PhotoWhirl. PhotoWhirl is a free to use desktop application for computers and devices running the Windows 8 operating system. The application is basically targeted at people who seek inspiration through brilliantly captures photographs. The app will definitely also appeal to people who like to travel and tour various parts of the world. The function of the app is to gather geotagged images from various online image websites. These websites include 500px, Instagram, Panoramio, and Flickr; you can select one or more of these image sources from the app’s options in the left pane.

view geotagged photos on a map

Once the geotagged images have been gotten from these websites, they are plotted on a map that is shown to the user. You can easily begin to view photos based on the location that they were taken at.


The application shows featured images under the Editor’s Choice category. You can also mark images as your favorites which will enable you to browse them through any Windows 8 device of yours that has this application installed.


  • A user friendly desktop app
  • Compatible with Windows 8 computers
  • Plots geotagged photos on a map
  • Grabs photos from 500px, Instagram, Panoramio, and Flickr
  • Shows featured images under Editor’s Choice
  • Lets you mark images as your favorites

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