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Panorama pictures are the latest fad in digital images. Various software let you create panorama pictures. But most of these perform through a complicated interface. Fortunately for iOS device owners, there is a tool called Photosynth.

share panorama pictures

Photosynth is a free iOS application sized at 4.4 MB and compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later. The app lets you create panorama pictures by tracking a scene and shooting it in various parts. What happens “behind the scenes” is not the user’s concern because the tools are offered in an intuitive interface.  Your created panoramas can easily be shared with friends using the app’s built-in options.


A location next to each panorama can also be recorded and shared with friends, business contacts, and potential clients.

Photosynth: Create & Share Panorama Pictures With Your iOS Device thumb


Move around the picture below to see how it all ends up.


Check out Photosynth @

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