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Photoshop has long been regarded as one of the greatest photo editing applications, and I don’t see any program dethroning them. However, a program like PhotoRaster offers something that Photoshop does not, and that is convenience. It offers some of the deep features you get from Photoshop for editing pictures, but it does it right in your web browser.


The really nice thing about this is that it is available anywhere you go. It offers a very professional layout that you usually only see from desktop photo editors. Its features are also quite impressive. You can work with layers, add masks, crop, make precise selections, draw and more, without ever launching a program on your computer.

Of course, there are plenty of tweaks and filters you can apply to give your image a personalized feel.


The software is still in beta, so it has a couple of issues. Still, the ability to perform these edits from your browser is something you cannot find in too many places. Best of all, you can use this photo editing suite without spending a dime.



  • Edit photos in your web browser.
  • Offers a very Photoshop-like set of features.
  • Everything from lasso tools for selections to cropping to filters.
  • Paint and draw tools.
  • Free of charge.

Find PhotoRaster @

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