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iOS users love Instagram. Even with popular social media apps already letting you share photos, this beloved app has still managed to carve out a niche for users who just want to shoot-and-share. One tool that enhances the Instagram experience on the desktop is Photopile. This app takes your Instagram feed then generates a pile of photos that users can click through – a different take from other desktop Instagram apps.

view instagram pics

Although the photo pile looks random and messy, your photos are still sorted chronologically, so you still have an ordered, easy-to-scan set of pics that looks like photos spread on the floor. Clicking on each photo will show the comments, tag, and users that liked the photo. Your friends will only see your pile if you tweeted the link.

You can also search for other users and tagged photos, or go through your own photo entries. Photopile is a simple way to view and show your Instagram pictures if you do not have your iOS device handy.


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