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Captions for our images can be a lot of fun to work with. When you are out with friends and you capture something funny with your phone’s camera, it would be really funny and creative to add a few words on the image, making it a lot more than it already is. Normally to do this, users would first transfer the image to their computer. This is because desktop apps deal with image enhancements and text additions in a more visually appealing manner.

However there is now a phone app that you can use to conveniently add various types of text on your images. You can control the text colors, fonts, position, angle, and a lot more, all thanks to the smartphone app called PhotoPhrase.

ios photo caption app

PhotoPhrase is a smartphone application for iOS devices. The app is sized at nearly 5 MB and it is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices that are running version 5.0 or later of iOS. Using the app, you can enhance the digital images on your phone by adding visually appealing text and captions to them. You can select images that already exist on your phone or you can simply capture new images through the app.

After selecting an image, you can select what type of font you want to be added to your image. You will find a good number of options to go with your images.



Finally, you can begin typing the words you want to caption the image with. You can use gestures to rotate the words, adjust the opacity of the text, choose from 26 different text colors, and layer words. If you feel like you need more options, you can buy more fonts from the app.

The app is available from the iTunes store for $0.99 but the app’s developers have generously offered free licenses to the first 10 commenters on this post.


  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Lets you caption images.
  • Offers font styles, various colors, and numerous other text adjustment options.

Check out PhotoPhrase @

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