PhotoPeach: Create Cool Slideshows With Music Online

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PhotoPeach is a web application that lets you create cool slideshows with music. The service allows you to grab personal photos from your online accounts (i.e. Flickr, Picasa and Facebook) or computer, add music tracks from YouTube and then generate beautiful slideshows.

create cool slideshows with music online

The process is really easy, simply follow the following steps:

* 1. Register and create an account.
* 2. Select from where you want to upload the photos; online account or PC.
* 3. Here you should be able to choose the photos you want to have in the slideshow.
* 4. Then click “Next”.
* 5. Search for a music track on YouTube and add it to your slideshow.
* 6. Click on the “save”¬†button and your slideshow is ready.


  • Easy slideshow making with music.
  • Use images from your online accounts or your computer.
  • The site supports Flickr, Picasa and Facebook.
  • Share created slideshows with your friends on email, my space and facebook.
  • Quick and simple.
  • Similar websites: Animoto,¬† ImageToVideo and Toufee.

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Thanks for the web site. Picasa 3 also does this for you, but the music functionality is rather limited.

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