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If you have even a remote interest in capturing great wildlife photographs, this is one site you don’t want to miss. BBC Wildlife magazine has put together a collection of tips from their master photographers. Each issue is in the form of a PDF document and includes detailed tips, step-by-step guides and real-life examples.

Topics range from wildlife portraits and underwater photography to capturing birds in flight, capturing their behaviors and environment as well as taking photos during dusk and dawn. The collection also includes information about what kind of photography equipment to use and do’s and don’ts of specific wildlife photography genres.

It is one of the best resources out there to learn good skills in wildlife photography and photography in general.


  • Tips and information for wildlife photography.
  • Information and guides for dozens of wildlife topics.
  • Step-by-step guides and equipment information.
  • Read as a PDF or download to your computer.
  • No registration required.

Visit PhotoMasterClasses @ BBCWildLifeMagazine


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