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Viewing photographs from Facebook’s native interface is not always a convenient option. Loading times and connection speeds can make the photo-viewing experience time-consuming. Here to help solve this problem by letting you download all images to your hard drive is a tool called PhotoLive.

download photo albums off facebook

PhotoLive is a browser tool that helps you download photo albums off Facebook and similar websites. The site provides you with a bookmarklet without asking you to register for any account. Once you are on an album page on Facebook, simply click on the bookmarklet. If you are on Facebook you will be asked whether you want to download photos regularly or in high resolution. Next your photographs are divided into various sections made available as ZIP files to download. When one archive completes downloading you can proceed to downloading the next one.

An alternative to using the bookmarklet is individually feeding the photo URLs to PhotoLive and letting it download them, provided the URL you gave lets the site view those images.


In addition to supporting Facebook, PhotoLive claims to support album downloads from and other similar networks.



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