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As soon as smartphones started to include a decent camera it became very easy to shoot pictures on the go for most people. And a lot of people became amateur photographers, taking shots of their everyday activities (from their afternoon coffees to sunsets) and posting them to popular photo sharing networks like Instagram and Flickr. If you started taking photos from your smartphone but went deeper and became more involved with photography, check out Photojojo.


Photojojo is an extremely popular twice-a-week free photo newsletter aimed at all do-it-yourselfers and photography fans. Subscribe to their newsletter and receive kick-ass photo tips (e.g. “Use Computer errors to make your photos amazing”, “Pro-Tips for Shooting Better Instagram Videos”), fun DIY projects, and more. In their own words -“We publish an insanely great newsletter on photography. More specifically, we scour the internets, rip pages out of magazines, ransack our friends’ closets, and go through dumpsters to find the very best Photo tips, DIY projects, and Gear.”

They have a store where they offer interesting gifts and gear for photographers. Every gear features in-depth description of the product and photos. So if you are a newbie photographer or even a seasoned photo professional you should definitely check out this site.



  • Twice-a-week free photo newsletter
  • Tips for taking better Instagram photos
  • Aimed at photography fans
  • Photography tips
  • Photography gear: but specialized products from online store
  • You can subscribe either by email or via RSS (Over 70.000 subscribers)
  • Featured in Discovery channel, Huffington Post, Gizmodo and other publications
  • Still not sure? See all Photojojo user and independent blog reviews here

Go to Photojojo @

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